Banana Cupcakes, a Few Ways

I had request for cupcakes this weekend. They had to be good for breakfast (muffins) and have banana in them. I didn’t want to make a muffin, so I stuck with a cupcake recipe and planned to go light on the frosting. I made two attempts (two full attempts, but a total of three different […]

Carrot Orange Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and Candied Orange Peel Nest

I normally don’t feel very inspired to make themed cupcakes for holidays. I consider it dangerous territory into which I don’t dare tread. I never say never, though, that’s for sure. And this past week I was indeed inspired by the colorful caramel robin’s eggs that were for sale at Peet’s Coffee. The vibrant blue […]

Ginger-Cream Filled Pumpkin Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

I haven’t really made pumpkin cupcakes before, but I have tasted a number of pumpkin muffins and have never really been very happy with them. I decided to use a Martha Stewart recipe as a base – I am rarely disappointed with the recipes on her site – and I wasn’t this time. The cupcakes […]

Churros and Chocolate Cupcake

Summer in San Francisco means bringing hot chocolate, puffy coats, and knitting to watch my cousin’s evening soccer game at Golden Gate Park. My friend made some fantastic hot chocolate to which she added a touch of cinnamon. I had brought leftover, unfrosted lychee-coconut cupcakes for dipping, which were great, but I wished we had […]

Recipe: Mini Chili Chocolate Cupcakes with Chili Chocolate Ganache Frosting

I made these chili chocolate cupcakes (amongst many other things) for the art show/benefit on Saturday. I expected the chili taste to be a bit more noticable in both the cake and frosting, people only noticed it if I told them in advance, but the little buggers were rich and chocolately regardless. I need to […]

Recipe: The Thai Ice Tea Cupcake Experiment #0002

I tried the fresh brewed option this past week. I didn’t get the results I wanted (obvious Thai ice tea flavor), but the cupcakes were still really tasty. I had gotten some good suggestions for sweetened condensed milk frosting from my last experiment. I whipped something up and was happy with the results. I will […]

Recipe: The Horchata Cupcake Experiment #0001

I am on a drink-themed cupcake fit and this is the lastest experiment. This one came out pretty good, much better than the thai iced tea. In fact, there are many fans amongst my taste-testers at work. I am hearing things like, “the cake is perfect!” and “very horchatary”. Horchata 1 cup long grain white […]

Recipe: The Thai Ice Tea Cupcake Experiment #0001

I am planning on developing two new-to-me cupcakes, Thai ice tea and horchata. With the Thai ice tea cupcake, I really want the flavor of the thai ice tea as well as sweetened condensed milk. I tried out a Thai ice tea cupcake recipe this past weekend. The cake: The cake came out pretty good, […]