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Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes

  • Serving
    24 People

I warn you, do not eat these cupcakes without a tall glass of your favorite milk nearby. They are crazy rich. Or better yet, serve these as a decadent after-dinner dessert with fresh brewed coffee. Your friends will love you for it.

This creation uses my rich chocolate cupcake recipe, chocolate ganache frosting, and peanut butter filling.



Make sure your cupcakes are fully cool before filling and frosting!

1 Step

Using a small pairing knife, cut a cone out of each cupcake. Flip each cone and cut off the point so you just have the top of the cone remains. It helps to set the top to the side of the cupcake so you know which top goes where.

2 Step

Fill each cavity with a spoonful of filling.

3 Step

Replace the top on each cupcake.

4 Step

Place a large plain tip into a large pastry bag and fill with the frosting.

5 Step

Twist the bag until the frosting is compacted towards the tip and there is no air remaining.

6 Step

Use your dominant hand to secure the top of the bag, continuing to twist as you frost to maintain steady pressure. Use your non-dominant hand to guide the tip over the cupcake as you pipe a swirl on each.

7 Step

Top each cupcake with a decoration of your choice.


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