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Chocolate Chai Spice Cupcake

  • Serving
    24 People

I must admit… I almost felt like I was cheating with this recipe. I used my current favorite chocolate recipe and added a few teaspoons of ground up spices – that was it!

But while the approach was straight forward, the result was great. The spices showed through the flavor of the chocolate just enough to add complexity and interest to the experience. The moist, chocolatey goodness of the cake can live on its own, but ultimately, the frosting is what makes it a cupcake, and the simple chai spice buttercream was a great addition. Not too overwhelming, but enhancing the flavor all the more.

Just goes to show you… with a great base recipe and a rummage through the spice rack or pantry, anyone can come up with an interesting and tasty concoction. They seemed to be a hit at the art opening I made them for.

This creation uses my rich cupcake recipe with basic buttercream with a chai spice added in.



Make sure your cupcakes are fully cool before frosting!

1 Step

Place a large plain tip into a large pastry bag and fill with the buttercream.

2 Step

Twist the bag until the frosting is compacted towards the tip and there is no air remaining.

3 Step

Use your dominant hand to secure the top of the bag, continuing to twist as you frost to maintain steady pressure. Use your non-dominant hand to guide the tip over the cupcake as you pipe a swirl on each.


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