For those of you who have the RSS for this blog in your readers, you have seen the spam posts coming in the past few days. Once a night some hacker is posting a fake post. I am deleting them in the morning. This recently started and is annoying. Note to hacker: No one cares about your stupid sound card drivers…

I am working on resolving this by doing a software upgrade and putting some other security measures in place. This will likely break the links out there to individual recipes as it did the last time I tried to upgrade. Forgive me for that, but it’s a necessary evil at this point.

So, that’s the bad news… Here is the good news. I am working on the new blog I plan to launch sometime between now and the end of the year. The new blog will be very similar to this one in that I will focus on recipes, but I am opening up my repertoire to all classic American desserts and not just the cupcake. I do still love cupcakes and will continue to feature them, but I am ready to do more.

The new blog is called i dream of dessert – american classics made modern. You are welcome to visit, but there is only a splash page at this point in time. I will announce it both here and there when I officially launch.

I am looking forward to getting back to blogging. Thanks and sorry for the spam!


Update: The upgrade did what I hoped – it stopped the spam posts. But it also did what I dreaded, broke my permalinks. So now all the links to my posts and categories are different and broken! I want it fixed so I will try when I have some time.

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