The bathroom is nearly done and the kitchen is clean. So, as soon as the holiday is over and our out-of-town guests have returned to the other coast, baking will commence. We did happen to have a reservation for a tour of the chocolate factory; however, and here are some pictures that either I or my husband took there.

Here I am at the shop entrance

This is the sign near the cafe entrance. I really like their logo with the Ibex:

I got a few pictures of the equipment, but they also have them on their website.

The tour was interesting. We sat and listened to the guide discuss chocolate making from “bean to bar” and got to sample three types of chocolate and chocolate nibs. Tasting their dark chocolates is like tasting wine, lots of complexity and different flavors. Their milk chocolate is equally complex, but has the added benefit of being creamy. I love them all, but I especially love the way the milk chocolate melts between my fingers.

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