Chocolate, Pumpkin Cupcakes with Toasted Meringue Frosting

This recipe is clearly inspired by the colors and flavors of the season. To be honest, on a day filled with candy and chocolate, pumpkin cupcakes are almost too much. So while these were inspired by and for Halloween, I would skip it and try them for Thanksgiving instead. I used a rich chocolate recipe […]

A real update from Cupcakeblog

For those of you who have the RSS for this blog in your readers, you have seen the spam posts coming in the past few days. Once a night some hacker is posting a fake post. I am deleting them in the morning. This recently started and is annoying. Note to hacker: No one cares […]

lime tart cupcakes

This post has taken me a while, I know. And that is partly because it’s my last post here on this blog. That’s right, CupcakeBlog is shutting down. The decision was not taken lately, trust me, but a combination of factors came together… a botched wordpress upgrade (I am still without access to the admin […]

pear & vanilla bean filled chocolate cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream

I made these here cupcakes for the first ever bay area cupcake meetup that happened this weekend. A lovely group of people showed up at Dolores Park in San Francisco with creative and tasty cupcakes to share. We talked shop and caused a bit of a scene. Apparently the idea of a group of people […]

Cupcake Round-Up II

San Francisco doesn’t really have four seasons. The weather changes, but you will likely be freezing your butt off in July, sweating in October, and doused in rain in January. Having grown up in the North East I am very familiar with the four seasons and all it takes is one crisp, sunny day in […]

Sweet Corn, Maple, and Bacon Cupcakes

I didn’t have high hopes for these cupcakes. In fact after the four failed attempts at maple candy this weekend and tasting the delicious Whiskie Bits cupcakes, I started to get a little depressed. I tasted the baked cake on its own and while it tasted fine, I wasn’t very excited it about it. Well […]

Cupcakes by Whiskie Bits

I wanted to share some photos of cupcakes made by a friend of mine, the owner of Whiskie Bits. She and I met through the blog a while back and we have since become good friends. I have had the opportunity to taste about ten different flavors of her cupcakes over the past few weeks […]

Cupcake Round-Up!

Garrett of Vanilla-Garlic and I are requesting you, cupcake fans, to try your hat at baking some creative cupcakes of your own. How to participate 1. Create a cupcake 2. Post it or your blog or flickr account 3. Send your name, the name of your cupcake, and a link to (chockylit{at}gmail{dot}com) (protogarrett{at}yahoo{dot}com) 4. Do […]