Lemon Cup Cupcakes

These cupcakes make an impressive presentation. For sure. But they are also somewhat impractical. I was helping a friend who was baking for a competition and I really, really wanted her to win. So we made 12 of these gorgeous lemons and a bunch of regular cupcakes for pure eating. I wasn’t sure how they […]

Kiwi Lychee Cupcakes

First off, I have to thank my friend Margie for the combination. I had been thinking, “lychees and ???” for some time. I asked her for a suggestion to which she replied, “kiwi.” And I was like, “I have some of those at home!” Soon followed by, “hmmm, kiwi frosting, I wonder how that will […]

Sweet Potato Cupcakes

I will be honest, these cupcakes came about by accident. My intention was a honey-almond cupcake, but I had this newly discovered sweet potato flour and wanted to try it. As soon as I added the flour to the batter I knew I had something else on my hands. Quite anxious, I pushed forward with […]

Almond Orange Cupcakes

These cupcakes are very almondy. Almond is the predominant flavor but you catch the citrus as well, especially in the frosting. These cupcakes are great for the winter season and pair well with an Italian themed dinner. I made about 100 mini of these cupcakes along with 100 mini chocolate with salted caramel cream cheese […]

Cherry Bomb Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting

I felt the need to give these cupcakes a name – they had that much personality. I was about to add half as much chili as planned, but thought why not and dumped it all in. The result? Chili cherry chocolate cupcakes with a good kick. Funnily enough, “cherry bomb” was my ring name when […]

Baking in Bulk

I rarely if ever veer from the standard post of recipe with pictures. I don’t do book reviews, product reviews, talk about cupcakes in general, etc. This blog is about recipes I create and pictures that go along with them. I am veering with this post though. I baked for an event a month or […]

Pink Salt & Pink Pepper Cupcakes

These cupcakes sound more challenging to the palate then they are. I think it’s all the chocolate… The foundation of this cupcake includes two basic recipes – chocolate cupcakes and chocolate ganache. I decided to use the low-flour chocolate cupcake recipe I like and to sub out the wheat flour for quinoa flour and make […]

Cream filled vanilla cupcakes with ganache glaze and coconut

These cupcakes were inspired by Mr. P’s lamington challenge. Mr. P happens to come from Cardiff and I was making cupcakes for coworkers from Cardiff! It was kismet really. I had to do it. Lamingtons are Australian and are a cube of cake coated in chocolate and rolled in coconut. What I am presenting here […]

Meyer Lemon Cranberry Cupcakes

I closed out 2009 with some major procrastination… I am just now getting to this belated post. I made these cupcakes for a party where I knew there would be an abundance of sweet and chocolatey desserts. I thought the tartness of cranberries and lemon would be a nice counterpoint. That was indeed the case. […]