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Garden Goodies

Blueberry & Raspberry Ricotta Almond Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Sometimes you want a tasty treat, but you want to feel like it’s healthy… I had such an occasion when

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Rich Chocolate Cupcakes Filled with Chocolate-Mint Ganache with Topped with Mint Buttercream

Chocolate and mint are a great combination, especially when you use fresh mint. I used chopped mint leaves steeped in

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Green Tea Bubble Cream filled Cupcakes with Green Tea Cream Cheese Frosting

I kept these cupcakes fairly simple. They were for a friend’s birthday and I was making them mid-week, so I

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Thai Tea Cupcakes

I really, really want a solid Thai Tea cupcake recipe. I have been playing around with just about every product

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Green Tea, Lavender, and Honey Cupcake Bombe

How would I make an ice cream cupcake??? This question had been floating around in my head for some time

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Yuzu White Chocolate Cupcake

Yuzu is a tart and fragrant citrus fruit that has been a mainstay on dessert menus. I see it often

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Pomegranate Green Tea Cupcakes

Two superfoods in one tasty cupcake? Why not. In this creation, the green tea actually takes a back seat to

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