Cherry Bomb Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting

I felt the need to give these cupcakes a name – they had that much personality. I was about to add half as much chili as planned, but thought why not and dumped it all in. The result? Chili cherry chocolate cupcakes with a good kick. Funnily enough, “cherry bomb” was my ring name when […]

Chocolate, Pumpkin Cupcakes with Toasted Meringue Frosting

This recipe is clearly inspired by the colors and flavors of the season. To be honest, on a day filled with candy and chocolate, pumpkin cupcakes are almost too much. So while these were inspired by and for Halloween, I would skip it and try them for Thanksgiving instead. I used a rich chocolate recipe […]

Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes with Fennel Meringue Frosting

I wasn’t planning on baking this weekend. I was planning on “taking the weekend off”. But all it took was my friend asking, “What about cupcakes for Sunday night?”, and I was all over it. Any excuse to bake, I guess. I was pressed for time, so I went with the cherry chocolate cupcakes again. […]

Ricotta Raspberry Almond Cupcakes with Citrus Meringue Frosting

I made these ricotta raspberry almond cupcakes for “ladies night”. My aunt was having a bunch of overnight guests and I wanted to make an adult-tasting dessert that matched the Italianesque meal of roasted chicken. I also wanted the cupcakes to be fun, as I knew we wouldn’t be digging into them until after many […]

Recipe: Lime Custard Cupcake with Meringue Frosting

Custards like this are normally baked off in ramekins in a water bath. In this case, they were baked in a cupcake pan with liners set in a jelly role pan which is then filled 1/2 way full with boiling water. The Result The Good: Tasty. Not too sweet by any stretch. Subtle lime flavor. […]

Lemon Cupcakes with Bitters, Sorrel, and Toasted Meringue

January and citrus are a natural pair when it comes to me and cupcakes. As is typical, I ate too much chocolate and too many sweets over the holidays and really had to dig deep to find the motivation to even think of baking. But dig deep I did… Well, actually, I perused the latest […]

All About Frosting – The Recipes

I get many a question about frosting. I thought I would compile my thoughts on the subject in two part series of posts – a sort of one stop shop for all things frosting… from my perspective, of course! First up… the recipes. Chocolate Ganache Chocolate ganache frosting is one of my favorite frostings to […]

Lemony Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes with Lavender and Rose Frosting

The last time I did ice cream cone cupcakes I took a traditional chocolate and vanilla approach. These cupcakes were tailored for a garden brunch hence the lavender and rose frostings. I used a simple syrup to flavor the frosting. This technique can be used with any herb, spice, or edible flower and you can […]

Lemon Cup Cupcakes

These cupcakes make an impressive presentation. For sure. But they are also somewhat impractical. I was helping a friend who was baking for a competition and I really, really wanted her to win. So we made 12 of these gorgeous lemons and a bunch of regular cupcakes for pure eating. I wasn’t sure how they […]

Baking in Bulk

I rarely if ever veer from the standard post of recipe with pictures. I don’t do book reviews, product reviews, talk about cupcakes in general, etc. This blog is about recipes I create and pictures that go along with them. I am veering with this post though. I baked for an event a month or […]