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About Cupcake Bakeshop

Cheryl Porro – software quality engineer by day, baker for hire by night – stumbled upon the world of food blogs through a forwarded link, sent by a friend, admirer, and consumer of Cheryl’s baking experiments. A few hours of surfing later, the rest was history…

Although a devoted baker since the age of 13, Cheryl simply wasn’t ready to abandon the reliable world of software for the high-stakes game of owning a bakery. But the creativity, the exchange, and the inspiration she found among this community of food bloggers – this was just the outlet she needed! In short order, Cheryl signed up for her very own blog, and Cupcake Bakeshop was born that fateful day in March 2004.

Baking, namely cupcakes, has since taken residence in Cheryl’s day-to-day life. Cupcake Bakeshop has evolved into a place to experiment, inspire, create, and share her work with others.

Cheryl continues to lead a double-life as an amateur baker and full-time professional software quality engineer, with a degree in chemical engineering. She has also become a dedicated food blogger and amateur food photographer (her main client being herself).

Cheryl lives in San Francisco with her musician husband and sensitive Boston terrier and can be found during her lunch breaks at the Ferry Building Marketplace coveting pricey ingredients.

To date, Cheryl’s recipes have been published in the San Francisco Chronicle food section.

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  1. just now reading through your blog and didn’t realize you lived so close by, I live in Concord.

    to date – I’ve tried the matcha green tea cupcakes and the lavender cream cupcakes – both delicious although mine still don’t look anything like your gorgeous pictures – thanks for all the inspiration

    have you made anything with figs yet? I have two gorgeous fig tress and would love to be able to make something with them

    Comment by Julie — December 1, 2006 @ 7:13 pm

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